...the answers came within myself

I met Anouk almost a year and a half ago when I was facing mental and physical difficulties.  Having not knowing what to do, my partner suggested to see a psychologist to find out what was going on in me. The first time I had a session with her, I didn’t know what to talk about. I talked anyway, I suppose, about whatever came to my mind and she listened. 

There was a click between us I felt. It was important for me to be able to trust the person I share my personal experiences with. Every time I had a session with her, I felt good. I felt lighter. She helped me to open my heart and to have contact with my mind and body. There was no judgement or criticism in her eyes. She didn’t tell me how to deal with things according to books. She asked me questions and the answers came within myself. 

Questions still rise in my head after a year of biweekly session with her. However she taught me how to observe them from different perspectives. To have balance and connection between mind and body bring harmony in life. Now I take yoga lesson with her and it just feels great.