Back on track

One year ago I was facing one of the most difficult stages in my life, personally and professionally speaking with a huge lack of self confidence. I was not able to cope with any kind of stress. At that point I decided to look for professional help and it is how I met Anouk Prop. She progressively put me back on track after a few sessions thanks to a few tools and advice she gave to me  that I could apply in my daily life under my circumstances. There was always an excellent communication which made it easier to share feelings and to find the gaps for improvement. Excellent result and an extra support that can be used for so many different purposes.

The Power Yoga has provided me with a level of strength and flexibility that I did not have in the past. It is the perfect combination between physical exercises and meditation that will allow you to release you physically and mentally. And it is a very nice way to make time for yourself and have a break. The professional level at Eaudizee is just excellent with different days and times that will suit your needs. It is something that I recommend to everybody.